Spray adhesive

Spray adhesive is a temporary bonding medium used during the embroidery process.

The adhesive spray is applied to fabrics primarily, to create a temporary bond to assist with positioning during embroidery manufacturing. A huge advantage of this adhesive spray is the flexibility of repositioning i.e. there is wriggle room for the embroidery operator after applying the spray to position the garment correctly.

The product is odourless and colourless. During application, there is an absence of “spray mist” which is advantages of improving working conditions for employees.

Double-sided adhesive tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is a key aid when positing fabrics/panels onto the embroidery machine with high repeat orders.

These methods of laying items to be embroidered onto a sheet require double-sided tape for accurate embroidery positioning.

The process of manufacturing double-sided tape makes use of cotton as the base material, which is then coated both sides with water and oil-based pressure-sensitive adhesive or glues such as hot melt adhesive ( a synthetic resin) for viscosity. The tape is then coated with easy-tear-away release liner.