Embroidery Backings also known as stabilizers, support the material during the stress of sewing on embroidery machines. In commercial embroidery, there is no rule for which packing is right for a particular fabric but an embroidery backing is recommended to get the best results. A wide range of factors help you choose the right backing for your project:

  • fabric stability and style;
  • stitch density,
  • length,
  • speed and size of the embroidery;
  • stability of the design and;
  • the commercial embroidery machine you are using.

Fabric stretch is perhaps the most significant factor in selecting the right embroidery backing. Regardless of the type of fabric, the backing must sufficiently stable to prevent movement while stitching. With the number of different fabrics and qualities of each type, you will need to experiment, especially when changing suppliers of blanks.

If you are unsure of what backing will best suit your needs, you can read up about it here or contact us.

We offer the following types of backings:

3Dimension Foam : Used during the process of 3-dimensional embroidery or raised embroidery.

Iron-On Heat Film : Application of cut out badges onto clothing or bags.

Fusible Interlining : Most commonly used to stabilise light fabrics, particularly in ladies wear applications.

Avalon Wash Away Backing : To achieve a skin-friendly result, the embroidery is stitched on a cold-water-soluble.

Stitch & Tear Backing : Commonly used with heavy cotton twills…, bush shirts, overalls, caps etc.

Cut Away Backing : Cut away embroidery backings are often chosen for larger embroidery designs.

Cut Away Backing : Tear away embroidery backings help to achieve perfect embroidery without deformation and can easily be torn off after the embroidery process is complete.