Embroidery Needles

First Trim stocks high-quality Groz-Beckert embroidery needles. There are two broad categories of Groz-Beckert needle cloth points:

  • Round Point
  • Ball Point.

RG-point is the standard point style of the Groz-Beckert embroidery needles due to the strength and versatility. The standard embroidery needle DB X K5 with RG point is available in many different sizes.

DB x K5 displays higher resistance to deflection than other needle systems. It stands up better to the high demands made by embroidery machines. DB x K5 SAN® 1 GEBEDUR® provides many advantages over the standard version. The reinforced blade boosts needle stability and reduces needle deflection and breakage. The larger eye simplifies threading and facilitates smoother sliding of the thread.

If you are unsure of what backing will best suit your needs, you can read up about it here or contact us.