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Embroidery Techniques

By May 2, 2019 July 1st, 2019 Embroidery Machines, Embroidery Tips, Needles, Supplies

There are many different types of embroidery techniques, at First Trim, we stock everything you need to do these types of embroidery. In addition to the traditional process, today’s embroidery machines also allow for many other stitching techniques. This usually requires additional equipment, below are some of the techniques:

Applique Embroidery Technique

The applique embroidery is a technique which involves using pieces of fabrics, sewn during embroidering (and cut by laser technique), add texture and color to the design. It is used both for aesthetic reasons and for the significant savings of stitches is achieved, since color is added surfaces without coating them of embroidery stitches. Although it is currently applicable in all kinds of embroidery, is very common use in baby and children ‘s issues.

String and loop Embroidery Technique

In this stitching embroidery technique cord yarn is used to stitch a string onto embroidery backing. This technique is suited, for instance, to refined ornaments. This type of embroidery can be done by hand or with specialised embroidery machines.

Sequined Embroidery Technique

With sequined embroidery, different sequins are attached to a backing (Sequins are small plates, usually lentil – shaped or circular, used for decorative purposes). Sequins are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Sequins are fed to the embroidery machine on belts and backstitched onto the backing. All major embroidery machine manufacturers have invested heavily in sequin technology in the past few years and are continually updating this specialised field.

Cornely Embroidery Technique

It consists of sewn-added material in tape or string format, on the base fabric. It is placed by a special machine that performs a movement needle particular where the added cord is held by the stitches.

Moss Embroidery Technique

Moss embroidery is a variation of chain stitch embroidery with a terry towel similar to but more regular appearance. Although the appearance differs from the chain stitch is performed by the same machine, with similar techniques and limitations. Moss embroidery is also making its way into the home decor market, this market offers a variety of opportunities in the form of custom-designed throw pillow covers and sofa throws.

3D Embroidery Technique

Creating 3D effects in embroidery, the foam material is glued to the plain cloth and stitched over. After the over stitching, excess foam is removed from the embroidered fabric. This mode of embroidery can be mixed with the other techniques thus achieving exclusive designs. You can purchase the foam needed on our online store.


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