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Embroidery Troubleshooting

By May 2, 2019 July 29th, 2019 Embroidery Tips

When embroidering, you can run into a few problems. These issues may include damage to the fabric and ever the irregular appearance of embroidery designs. Below is a list of frequent application problems and their possible solutions. At First Trim, we can advise you on the best way to achieve your desired embroidery effect.

Fabric damage during embroidery of knitted material

One of the most common embroidery issues with knitted goods is the damage to the fabric. Often these issues can be caused by user error or the wrong needle, below are some of the common causes of this issue:

  • The needle is too thick
  • Wrong point style
  • Damaged needlepoint

When embroidering, using the incorrect stitch density, orientation of the fabric and bad yarn quality can cause damage to the fabric. To prevent this damage, a needle with a ballpoint is recommended. The RG or FFG point is recommended for delicate knits, for more coarsely-knitted material the FG point.

Recommendations for the embroidery on leather

Cutting points are not suited to embroidery of leather. Thread cutting, leather perforation and uneven needle hole openings when changing stitch direction would result. The RG point is a proven performer for delicate to medium-hard leather, and the R point for very hard leather. The force required for the needle to pierce leather is relatively high, thus the needle must be highly stable.

Irregular embroidery appearance on woven fabric

Embroidery on woven fabric often results in the irregular appearance of the embroidery design caused by irregular thread coverage. The causes include:

  • Ballpoint too big
  • Needle too thin
  • Lettering too small
  • Bad quality of fabric to be embroidered

Irregular embroidery appearance on leather

With Embroidering on leather,  the poor appearance on leather is often caused by lettering that is too small and stitch density that is too high. But a needle that is too thick or bad quality of the leather can also cause poor embroidery appearance.

Puckering (distortion) during embroidery

Puckering occurs especially when the very fine and dense fabric is embroidered. Three factors must be considered:

  • High stitch density: The more stitches there are in a design, the stronger the puckering.
  • Thread size: The thicker the thread, the more pronounced is the puckering.
  • Thread tension: The higher the thread tension, the more the fabric draws together, especially in long satin embroidery.

Needle size, however, hardly influences the degree of puckering.

If you are looking for high-quality needles and embroidery supplies, you can have a look at our online store. If you are unsure of what needles you need, contact us for more information.


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