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Importance of Thread tension and the best way adjust it

By November 18, 2019 Embroidery Machines, Thread

Proper thread tension can help prevent visible bobbin stitched, ensure a better-quality product and smoother sewing. In this article, we will explain the importance of thread tension and how to tell if it is correct.

The Importance of thread tension

The tension needs to be balanced. If the top is too tight, then it will pull from the bottom and you’ll see the thread appear on top of the embroidery. If the bottom is tighter than the top, then the bobbin pulls more top thread under the garment.

At a certain point, if it’s too tight, the garment gets pulled in the needle plate hole and a bird’s nest occurs. Maintaining proper tension will improve stitch quality and enable your machine to run smoothly and constantly.

Checking machine tension

The most common way is to run an “H” test, though other letters work as well. Make sure your columns are at least one inch tall and a quarter-inch wide, so you can easily see stitch quality.

Resetting thread tension

With good quality thread such as Rainbow and Royal Rayon, you should seldom have to adjust the tension. This is if you take care of the bobbin cases. Speciality threads like metallic and 12-weight acrylics may require some adjustment, however. You can purchase good quality bobbins online here.

The Best way to adjust the thread tension

The best way to test is to set up one needle and run a sample, by sewing a letter. Adjustments can be made to the top and bobbin case if needed. Run another sample on needle one to make sure everything looks good. From there, make sure all the tension knobs across your machine are the same.

They should be screwed in the same amount. If every needle is threaded correctly, you should be able to tell by pulling the thread that each has the same tension. If they are correct there is likely something wrong with your thread path and the needle may need to be rethreaded. Once all of the needles are adjusted, sew the full test and make sure everything is at the correct tension.



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