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The Cost of Embroidery Supplies

By March 14, 2019 May 3rd, 2019 Embroidery Tips, News, Supplies

The cost of Embroidery Supplies

Cutting costs on commercial embroidery supplies, and buying cheap embroidery supplies cane wind up costing more in the end. When calculating the cost of embroidery, the supplies are always an important part.

Saving a few pennies on cheap commercial embroidery supplies may wind up costing more in the end. There is a natural tendency for some embroidery shops to use only the least expensive supplies. Searching for the best bargains on thread, bobbins, and backing is one easy way for a shop to save a little money. This leads to the performance suffering from broken threads and other quality issues.

Royal embroidery thread and other supplies are the secrets to success in commercial embroidery. Although there is nothing wrong with being frugal, you still can get the best supplies without hurting your bottom line. When you crunch the numbers on basic supplies, you can find out the true costs of commercial embroidery. With a little smart shopping, the best can be certainly within reach of any budget.

Commercial embroidery threads

The thread is the foundation of commercial embroidery, and it is often the least expensive part of the process. Most high-quality threads come in 1000m/5000m cones and costs around R14-R60 per cone. First trim, offers top quality thread at a good price. We stock Royal Rayon thread and Rainbow Polyester, which can be purchased here.

Commercial Embroidery

On large production runs, having a few cones on hand shouldn’t affect the production costs. It is always a good idea to have a few emergency cones.

Of course, for large production runs, purchasing cones is the best value, but having a few spools on hand should not dramatically affect production costs. What can start pushing up costs is when you run out of thread in the middle of an order, and having to buy a few emergency spools. Running out of thread in the middle of a project will affect production times and having to get emergency supplies from a local retail fabric store would end up costing lots more. Buying a small number of embroidery supplies more often could also lead to higher costs due to delivery.

With the right supplier, you can give your embroidery customers the best polyester threads, with superior strength and less breakage, and still maintain your reputation for being well priced.


When it comes to bobbins, cutting cost and buying cheaper will often not cut the costs of your embroidery supplies. We only sell top quality bobbins on our store and these are well priced.


Backings are one of the most expensive supplies but cutting costs here could lead to a loss in the quality of the embroidery stitching. At First Trim, we sell a large variety of backings. There is a wide range of backing to suit different purposes, you can read up about that here. Many people get backing by the roll and then cut what they need. This is more cost effective than buying separate squares as this would cut down the wastage.

The bottom line is that you do not need to skimp on supplies. It is always good to get an excellent deal on a thread and backing, but buying cheap supplies will probably cost you more in the end. Cheap threads break more often and prompt frequent tensioning issues. Saving a couple of rands on a cone will cost much more in lost productivity and labour costs.

Cutting costs on embroidery supplies will not do you any favours, especially if you do not buy with quality in mind. In commercial embroidery, even the best is not expensive to start with. At First Trim, we only sell quality products at a good price.


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