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Uses for Silicone Spray

By September 25, 2019 October 2nd, 2019 Uncategorized

Silicone spray brings dry, brittle threads back to life and reduces thread breakage. It’s also used to remove static and stickiness from work surfaces leaving them smooth and clean so that fabric can be moved around freely – Perfect for quilting! A must-have product for those who need to stitch or embroider sticky synthetic fabrics which would otherwise stick to the needle and cause massive problems.

Silicone spray has a multitude of uses especially in the sewing and embroidery business but also in many other areas too as a general lubricant to get things moving freely and smoothly. Silicone is used widely in the food industry and is recommended for metal to plastic and plastic to plastic lubrication.

Our Silicone lubricant is a specially formulated clear silicone lubricant for the use in industry, the home and in the office. The silicone spray is free of CFC’s and Chlorinated solvents, clean and odourless. Silicone spray eliminates or reduces friction, adhesion and wear.

Silicone Spray is ideal for:

  • Sewing slip agent for Metallic threads.
  • Poor quality sewing & embroidery thread.
  • Cutting tables.
  • Lubricate sporting equipment.
  • Protect and lubricate leisure craft & boating equipment.
  • Nylon moving parts like curtain tracks.
  • Rust prevention.
  • Multipurpose dry lubricant.
  • High-speed cutting machines (blade-stand-base)
  • Sewing machines (needle, bed, feeders, needle plates, foot, hooks etc.)
  • Thread lubricant
  • Pocket-slitters-blades and;
  • Cutting dies
  • Band saw blades
  • Scissors, shears, cloth drills etc.
  • Spreading machines (all moving parts)

Advantage’s for using Silicone Spray for Embroidery are:

  • makes cutting easier
  • prevents fast dulling of blades
  • reduces friction heat
  • helps eliminate fusing
  • prolongs blade life

How to use:

  1. Shake can well before use and occasionally during use.
  2. When unfamiliar with the application of this product, test on a small area before application.
  3. Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface to be sprayed and apply an even coat.

*Note-After each use invert can and depress activator to clear the spray nozzle.


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