2023 Sewing Gift Guide: The Best Tools, Machines, and Kits for Sewing Enthusiasts | First Trim

2023 Sewing Gift Guide: The Best Tools, Machines, and Kits for Sewing Enthusiasts | First Trim

2023 Sewing Gift Guide: Our Picks for the Year

Storage & Organization

Grabbit myPad for easy needle identification and storage, color-coded to the SCHMETZ chart.

Savvy Storage Envelopes from Patterntrace on Etsy to keep sewing patterns neatly organized.

KimberBell USB Case for storing up to 32 machine embroidery flash drives safely.

Karlie Belle Embroidery Design Organization System to maintain a tidy digital library of embroidery files.

Tools & Machines

Brother's PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer for custom-printed fabric designs.

Ditto Pattern Projector for paperless, digital pattern projection.

Janome Continental M7 as an advanced sewing machine offering for serious sewists.

TrueCut 360° for effortless cutting of curves and circles.

Jen Hogg's Jenerates Seam Circles for perfect seam allowances.

Madam Sew Fabric Marking Pens for precise fabric marking.

Precision Glue Stick Tips from 2311 Arts and Crafts on Etsy to upgrade your glue stick applications.

Books & Magazines

"Sewing the Curve" by Jenny Rushmore for those sewing garments to fit their curves.

"Make 1-Weekend Gifts" for quick and creative sewing projects.

Fashionary Denim Manual, a complete guide to denim sewing.

Back issues of Stitch, Creative Machine Embroidery, and Sew News magazines available in the Sew Daily Shop.

Fun & Beautiful

A Sew Station Caddy by The Mud Place for stylish sewing storage.

Sewing-inspired cookie cutters by Holly Fox for kitchen creativity.

Urban Threads' Leave Them in Stitches collection for a dose of humor.

Patterns & Kits

Loni of Havin Sew Much Fun's fanny pack pattern with a practical front access pocket.

Needle Sharp sewing kits, for easy sewing projects delivered monthly.

Our Product Recommendation Philosophy

The editors of Sew Daily offer product recommendations that are personally tried, tested, and loved, ensuring quality, authenticity, and transparency, including clear disclosures on sponsored content.

Products in the Sew Daily Shop including the Sew News Winter 24 Digital Edition, Creative Machine Embroidery Winter 2023 Digital Edition, and Sew News Fall 2023 Digital Edition are currently on sale.

First Trim's Hot Take

In an ever-evolving world of sewing and embroidery, it is vital to stay updated with the newest gadgets, books, and patterns to enhance your creations. We at First Trim, South Africa's embroidery enthusiast hub, are always excited to bring you the best in the industry. From smart storage solutions like the Grabbit myPad to advanced machinery like the Janome Continental M7, this guide lays out the tools of the trade for both beginners and seasoned pros alike. And needless to say, we're huge proponents of proper organisation – both physical and digital, which resonates with the mentioned Karlie Belle system, a godsend for any digitised pattern collection. Remember, when you have the right tools and know-how under your belt, every stitch becomes a symphony, and every tapestry tells a tale. Dive into the guide, and you may just find that perfect item to surprise a fellow sewist or to give your own sewing space that much-deserved upgrade!

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