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First Trim declares its 17-year commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction by supplying top-notch embroidery thread and goods through the application of cutting-edge quality principles and practices, in our stores and online.

This culture of excellence has cultivated an environment where consistently reliable and superior products are consistently provided to our customers in a timely manner.



We offer a wide range of high quality embroidery thread.

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First Trim Backings ensure easy, reliable solutions for all embroidery applications.

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Superior sideless and ring-spun bobbin threads

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Needles and Consumables

All the necessities, just for you.

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  • Online Store

    Purchase Rainbow Embroidery Thread, Royal Embroidery Thread or any other embroidery consumable you require from our global online store.

  • Wholesale Embroidery Supplies

    We offer our products at wholesale prices. If you require a specific item or wish to order in large quantities, please contact us here.

  • International

    We are dedicated to meeting your embroidery needs in Africa and worldwide.

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