DIY Rope Bowl: Stylish, Sustainable Home Decor from Style Revive Season 5

DIY Rope Bowl: Stylish, Sustainable Home Decor from Style Revive Season 5

DIY Rope Bowl | Style Revive Season 5, Episode 5

Breaking Down the Article

  • The concept of DIY home projects using rope
  • Overview of Style Revive's Season 5 and Meg’s featured projects
  • Step-by-step guide on creating chic placemats, coasters, and a rope bowl using simple rope
  • Personal insights and decorating tips from Meg
  • Importance of repurposing materials for sustainable décor
  • Shout-out to the series' sponsor
  • First publication and update dates

Embrace DIY Home Décor with Style Revive

Just because you can't wear an item doesn’t mean it can't receive the Style Revive treatment. DIY projects for home décor not only infuse your space with a unique touch but also promote sustainability and cost savings. One such project featured in Season 5 of Style Revive is the DIY rope bowl. In this season, Meg undertakes various home décor projects, including embroidered curtains, slipcovers, pillows, a hammock, and more.

No Fabric? No Problem!

Conventional fabric isn’t always necessary to create something special. In Episode 5, Meg takes on the challenge of repurposing simple rope to make chic placemats, matching coasters, and a stylish rope bowl. The natural look of rope adds a charming, rustic appeal to your home décor.

Gather Your Materials

Rope is a versatile material easily found at thrift stores, garage sales, or even in your garage. For this project, Meg uses thinner rope which she had in her stash, making it ideal for smaller and flatter projects like coasters and placemats.

Creating DIY Rope Bowl and Accessories

Step-by-Step Guide

Meg begins with simple coasters, crafting them to be approximately 5½ inches in diameter. Using a zig-zag stitch, she continues to form a circular pattern, which is essentially the same process she uses for making a rope bowl, except without the need to shape the rope as she sews. The placemats are created using the same technique, expanding the diameter to 15 inches. For a decorative touch, Meg adds green bias binding around the perimeter, pinning it in place and securing it with a straight stitch. The overlap is neatly finished with a touch of Fray Check.

Personal Touches and Practical Uses

By the end of her project, Meg is thrilled with her new set of table accessories, including placemats, coasters, and a napkin holder. She encourages others to get creative and consider what unique items they could craft with rope.

Explore More with Style Revive

For those inspired by Meg’s DIY projects, more episodes of Style Revive are available to watch, featuring a variety of creative home décor ideas.

A Nod to Our Sponsor

This engaging series is made possible by our wonderful sponsor, whose products play a significant role in the creation of Style Revive.

Publication Information

Originally published on October 7, 2022, and updated on July 5, 2024.

First Trim's Hot Take

Repurposing materials like rope for home décor projects is not only environmentally friendly but also infuses your space with a personal, rustic charm. Meg's DIY rope placemats and coasters are an excellent example of how simple materials can be transformed into chic and functional home accessories. Happy sewing and happy decorating! Original Article:
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