Embroidering on Paper: Crafting Custom Embroidery Cards | First Trim

Embroidering on Paper: Crafting Custom Embroidery Cards | First Trim

Embroidering on Paper: Crafting Custom Embroidery Cards

Embroidery on paper is a simple way to create unique, personalized cards for special occasions.


The Best Paper for Embroidery

Poster board has more wood fiber, ideal for clean tearing with close stitching.
Watercolor paper is less prone to tearing due to its high rag content.

Hoop or Float?

To prevent bending, always float the paper by hooping the stabilizer and laying the paper on top.

Choosing the Right Stabilizer


Medium-weight cutaway stabilizer is recommended for its durability and fabric-like properties.

No-show mesh stabilizer is good for lighter paper, but tearaway is not suitable.


Designing for Paper Embroidery

Select lighter designs with fewer stitches and modify designs by removing the underlay and lightening density.
Special settings for Tatami and Satin stitches to prevent paper damage.


Thread Selection


Using 40-weight poly neon thread gives good results, with white bobbin thread commonly being an appropriate choice.


Finishing the Back of Embroid

ered Cards

Various materials, like gift wrap or fusible stabilizer, can be used to cover stitch work.


Materials and Tutorial for Embroidery Cards

A step-by-step tutorial is provided for creating custom cards with supplies list and detailed instructions.

Embroidery Paper Crafting Ideas


Gift cards, appliques, gift tags, and more can be crafted with embroidery paper techniques.



    Embroidery on paper provides an exciting avenue for creativity and personalization in crafting. It's an uncomplicated process that requires patience and precision, with the most important takeaway being to use designs with fewer and lighter stitches for the best outcome. Experimentation is key, as is a slow and steady approach to your machine embroidery work. At First Trim, we are always excited to see what you can create with our vast collection of threads and enthusiasm for machine embroidery!

    First Trim's Hot Take: At First Trim, we believe that adding a personal touch goes a long way, and what better way than through the delicate art of paper embroidery! Turning cards into heartfelt masterpieces is not just about the stitching but about conveying emotion and thoughtfulness. Be bold, be imaginative, and thread your messages with love. Our threads are the perfect companions for your embroidery, ensuring your cards not only carry your best wishes but do so with vibrant, lasting colour. Take your gifting to the next level with an embroidered card - a simple concept with a striking impact.

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