Knit Fabric Sewing Tips: Achieving Professional Results with Ease | First Trim

Knit Fabric Sewing Tips: Achieving Professional Results with Ease | First Trim

Knit Fabric Sewing Tips: Achieving Professional Results with Ease

1. Understanding Knit Fabrics

Knit fabrics are loved for their stretch and flexibility, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of garments. Different types of knit fabrics offer varying levels of stretch, from jersey to rib knit to interlock. Selecting the right needle and thread is critical for maintaining the integrity of the fabric.

2. Choosing the Right Needle and Thread

For a clean finish, always use a ballpoint or stretch needle to prevent snagging or breaking the yarns in the fabric. Couple this with quality embroidery thread like Rainbow polyester thread for strong seams that accommodate the stretch without snapping.

3. Stabilizing Edges and Seams

Knit fabrics can curl or become wavy at the edges. To prevent this, use stabilizers or interfacing on the edges or seams that require structure. This ensures a smooth, professional finish.

4. Perfecting Seams and Hems

Choosing the right stitch is essential. A narrow zig-zag stitch or a stretch stitch setting will allow the seam to stretch with the fabric. For hems, a twin needle setup can create a professional-looking finish which mimics a coverstitch.

5. Pressing, Not Ironing

When dealing with knit fabrics, pressing is preferable to ironing. Use a pressing cloth and a gentle up-and-down motion to avoid stretching or distorting the fabric.

6. Testing on Scrap Fabric

Before beginning your project, always test your stitch settings on a piece of scrap fabric. This helps you adjust tension and stitch length to avoid puckering or skipped stitches.

First Trim's Hot Take:
Sewing with knit fabrics requires a gentle touch and attention to detail to prevent common issues like stretched seams or puckering. Selecting the right tools and accessories, such as the Rainbow polyester thread, can make a significant difference in your project's outcome. At First Trim, we pride ourselves on offering the best in embroidery supplies to ensure your knit fabric projects are not only durable but aesthetically pleasing. By following our tips and using quality supplies from our online store, you can achieve the professional results you desire with ease.

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