Top Sewing Gift Ideas for Kids: Creative and Fun Projects with First Trim Embroidery Threads

Top Sewing Gift Ideas for Kids: Creative and Fun Projects with First Trim Embroidery Threads

Gifts to Sew for Kids

Gifts to Sew for Kids

Breaking Down the Article:

  • Introduction to handmade gifts for kids
  • Me-made hair accessories
  • Stuffed animals
  • Kid-friendly accessories
  • Fun in the sun
  • Encouraging kids to get involved in sewing

Introduction to Handmade Gifts for Kids

Making handmade sewn gifts for kids can be a truly delightful endeavour. If you're seeking fun gift ideas to create for the little one in your life or easy projects that kids can make for their friends, our curated list of pattern suggestions will set you on the right track.

Me-Made Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a win-win; they’re quick to make, fun to customise for the recipient, and easy for kids to create. Handmade scrunchies are always a wonderful gift idea. You can follow our detailed instructions on how to sew a scrunchie. Additionally, our pattern for custom embroidered hair ties and barrettes offers a delightful way to put a personal touch on your creations. If you have velvet scraps on hand, consider crafting the Best Tressed Velvet Bows, perfect as party favours.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals, or "stuffies," are perennial favourites. One standout pattern from our shop is the Happy Stuffed Turtles, which can be made from cosy flannel or specially repurposed fabric for a truly personalised gift. For an embroidered option, try the In the Hoop Little Piggie Softie, a charming companion destined to become a baby's best friend.

Kid-Friendly Accessories

The simple On the Money wallet is a practical and versatile accessory suitable for boys, girls, friends, and more. This slim wallet is perfect for small amounts of cash and holiday gift cards. For the little bakers in your life, the Mommy and Me Aprons Pattern is an excellent choice. This pattern includes instructions for both a child's apron and an adult’s apron, allowing for customisation with holiday-themed or animal-themed fabrics. Another adorable option is the Bear Essentials Backpack, which is fun for both kids and adults, and easy to customise by altering the ear shape and face features.

Fun in the Sun

For the beach-loving child, the Kid’s Hooded Beach Poncho makes a delightful gift. Similarly, the Make a Splash Mermaid Swimsuit is perfect for water-loving kids. For the smallest members of the family, the Everyday Baby Set is an ideal baby shower gift or something special for a new bundle of joy. These patterns are great ways to introduce kids to sewing, whether they are ready to sew themselves, act as helpers, or enjoy watching and learning. Listen to our “Pass on the Sewing Passion” episode of the Sew & Tell podcast for more ideas to get kids sewing.

Originally published November 18, 2020, and written by Amanda Carestio; updated on June 13, 2024.

First Trim's Hot Take

Handmade gifts for kids not only promote creativity but also instil a sense of accomplishment in both the giver and the receiver. Whether you’re crafting hair accessories, stuffed animals, or functional items like wallets and aprons, these projects are sure to delight and inspire. By encouraging children to get involved in the sewing process, you’re helping to pass on a valuable and rewarding skill. Sign up for our newsletter today to stay inspired with the latest patterns, articles, and tips from First Trim.

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